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10 Soccer Tips For Kids and Beginners

Timothy Coneal
Published on 05 Oct 2018 / In Sports

In this video I give you 10 soccer tips for kids and beginners that will help you to develop the skills and mindset you'll need to get better and better as a player!

If you apply all of these soccer tips for kids and do them on a consistent basis, you will find yourself improving faster and faster as a player!

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About this video: I give some soccer beginner tips in this video along with some football tips for kids! Using these tips and applying them at an early age will ensure that you start developing into a high level player early on.

#1) The fundamentals of football are important for all players, and that is especially true for kids and beginners. The better you get at the fundamentals, the better a player you will become!

The fundamentals include areas like passing, control, shooting, dribbling and so on.

#2) When you are starting out the game, developing positive football habits is paramount. When it comes to soccer tips for kids and beginners, this is always high up the list!

If you develop a bad football habit, it'll be harder to fix it later so deliberately develop good ones now!

#3) Remember, you started playing football to have fun! It is fun! So make sure you aren't losing that playfullness. If it starts becoming frustrating all the time, it may be time to switch things up!

#4) Team training is great, but not enough. Getting into the habit of doing your own individual training early on will be incredibly valuable as you grow as a player.

Most of your growth in fact will come from your individual training! If you aren't doing this, you are missing out on so much growth.

#5) Many players that do individual training tend to just do whatever they can think of, yet this usually isn't a good idea. If you are fumbling around in the dark, you will probably eventually find the way, but wouldn't it be easier to have someone shine a light?

Buying a program or getting some kind of coaching is perfect for this. It stops you from guessing and makes sure you are on the right track. I personally love training programs online because they are affordable and provide a lot of value.

#6) How do you get better at something? You study the best! It will benefit all new players and kids by watching pro matches often and being exposed to high level players.

Watch it often, ask questions and you'll pick up on patterns.

#7) Although I said individual training will help you develop more as a footballer, you still need a team. I mean, you are training in order to play in matches, right?

If you are not on a team, get on one! Don't worry about the level right now, just make sure you are playing. You can worry about moving up later as you continue to improve!

#8) Don't be afraid to move up! Many players stay on teams that they have outgrown. Even if you are a young player, you should move up if you can.

The better players you play with and against the better you'll become!

#9) The mental side of soccer is half of the game and unfortunately many soccer kids and beginners don't actively develop it.

You should always give time to training your mind and football IQ. Never neglect this area and developing it early will help massively.

#10) Once you know what your position is or more of the player you are going to be, it's time to work on position specific drills.

It's not enough to just be good at everything, what can help you stand out?

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