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16 Things You Didn't Know About US Money

Published on 12 Nov 2017 / In

From messages found in the 1 dollar bill to microorganisms that lurk around on our money here are 16 Things You Didn't Know About US Money.

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6. 2 Dollars a Day
Can you imagine trying to survive off of only 2 dollars a day? It’s too much of a reality for millions of americans and for many of us it would difficult to imagine. That’s basically like a half gallon of milk or a couple of sandwiches at mcdonald's each day. Food stamps at this point become very valuable and apart of their survival. It also becomes difficult to afford proper clothing for a job interview. This is where resorting to more illegal ways of obtaining money becomes necessary. If you’re not sure what it’s like, trying walking a day in their shoes and buy stuff worth only 2 dollars to get you through the day. There’s also a book out there called 2 dollars a day: Living on Almost Nothing in America.

5. Making Money
Don’t you wish you had a printing press at home that could make you all the money you want! During 2014 the bureau of engraving and printing delivered 6.6 billion banknotes that year, worth about 560 million each day! Think about that! That’s a lot of printer ink! Don’t you wish you had a stack like this person in the photo! We can’t tell you everything that goes into making our money because that’s a secret.

4. Security Measures
In response to counterfeit operations such as the North Korean Supernote, the US has installed quite a few security measures. Plastic strips are found in high denomination bills which all glow a certain color. If held under a UV light, the 5 dollar bill should glow blue, the 10 dollar bill should glow orange, the 20 dollar bill should glow green. The 50 yellow and the 100 pink. There are also watermarks when you hold it up to the light that reveal the face of the american heros on the bills. Still one of the best possible ways to check if it’s counterfeit is by using a counterfeit pen.

3. Not All the guys Were Presidents
Saying the colloquial term “dead presidents” often refers to paper money but not everyone featured on the cash were presidents.Of course, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson and Ulysses S Grant were all presidents but Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Hamilton never held a seat in office. Of course they were very influential people in American History but no everyone has to be a president in order to get put onto the money! So you all still have a chance!

2. Money Weight
Don’t you wish you had a ton of money? Well you can literally and technically have a ton of money if you have 1 million dollars broken down into 1’s it would weigh 2,205 pounds so that would literally be a ton. 1 million in 100 dollar bills weighs 22.05 pounds and a million in 20’s weighs approximately 110.5 pounds.

More Security Spending
After the attacks on 9/11 President George Bush Jr decides it’s a good idea to create a new department of security in order to fight terrorism. We already got the FBI, National Guard, the CIA, the NSA and now we need to spend more tax dollars on Homeland Security, just in case those guys can’t do their job. With a budget of 40 Billion dollars and 240,000 employees you can tell there’s some people out there getting pretty big salaries. There is much documented criticism towards this branch of government claiming that they’re ineffective, wasteful, excessive. The department was blamed for wasting 2 billion dollars and items unrelated to fighting terrorism. Their headquarters alone is cost an estimated 4.1 Billion

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