VidSnatcher | Brand New Video Technology!

Brand New Video Technology Help Entrepreneurs Create The Perfect Online Courses, Training Videos, E-learning Videos and More! Combine, Edit, Any Video, In Any Language, and Stand Out from The Crowd!
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Tap Into The Fastest Growing Video Industry In The World!

Combine, Edit, and Recreate Any Video, In Any Language, and Stand Out from The Crowd!

VidSnatcher opens up so many opportunities with its multi language translate features. Now you can profit from the ever growing multi billion dollar, multilingual market. Start spreading your message beyond your native language.

VidSnatcher Is A Cutting-Edge Video Editor That Every Video Marketer Will Want To Get Their Hands On!

It is equipped with all the editing tools the most expensive video editors have PLUS even more powerful features like the built-in text-to-speech and language translator– all at an extremely affordable price!

Drag-And-Drop Timeline Editor: Drag and drop media, add unlimited layers for easy editing. EASY GREEN SCREEN REMOVAL - Remove greenscreen from any video with just a few clicks.

Customize Videos From ANY Video App With VidSnatcher!

It’s no longer a secret, that video is the most powerful form of media. Whether it’s for marketing, informational, or educational purposes, video is the best way to deliver a message. That’s why there are so many different types of video creators on the market. The chances are you own one, or many of these creation tools…

The problem is with most video creators you’re stuck within the confines of what that specific app can do. Whiteboard, Kinetic, 3D-Avatar, the list goes on. You can create GREAT videos with these apps, but are they really that unique when you’re stuck only with what the app allows you to do?

With VidSnatcher, you completely open your video editing capabilities! Import, edit and enhance ANY video, OR build completely unique videos from scratch with our new TRUE blank canvas video editor.

Performing one video editing service for a single client could recoup your ENTIRE investment instantly!

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