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Most DANGEROUS Tourist Locations With Dangerous Animals!

Timothy Coneal
Published on 05 Oct 2018 / In Pets & Animals

Check out the most dangerous animal tourist attractions! From feeding crocodiles to swimming with sharks, these are the top 10 animal attractions you probably want to skip!

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8. Boa Viagem Beach, Brazil
Brazilian beaches are some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world!! Boa Viagem Beach is a beach that is located near the city of Recife and is surrounded by high-rise buildings and a beautiful boardwalk. So what’s the problem? Recife has one of the highest shark attack rates in the world. The water is plagued with tiger sharks and bull sharks, so people are warned to stay out of the ocean. Boa Viagem Beach is where most of the attacks have occurred and it is now considered one of the top 10 most dangerous beaches in the world.
This is a relatively new phenomenon as before the 1990’s there were no reported attacks. In the 1980’s a large port called Port Suape was built and during the construction they interrupted the breeding and hunting habitats of many kinds of sharks.
In the past 20 years, there have been almost 60 shark attacks in Recife with a death rate of 37%. According to the Florida State Museum of Natural History, this is much higher than the worldwide shark attack fatality rate which is currently 16%. This could partially be due to the fact that there are millions of beachgoers and lots of aggressive sharks sharing the water.
The waters off of Boa Viagem are so dangerous, that lifeguards no longer train there, but in a swimming pool instead. They receive special shark attack training and are equipped with an electronic device called a SharkShield to hopefully deter sharks when they are trying to rescue someone. Currently the only solution is a program that catches the sharks, tags them with tracking devices, and releases them far from the shore in an artificial reef.

7. Le Mat Snake Village, Vietnam
This village just outside Hanoi, is famous for its snake charmers and snake meat. This place is not for the faint of heart! Known as “snake village”, tourists can sample a wide variety of snake meat and swallow the still-beating heart of a cobra. The most popular snakes are grass snakes and cobras, and tourists go to the snake farms where they can touch the snakes before eating them. I’m not sure who is more afraid, the tourist or the snake!!
Legend has it that a snake swallowed a princess while she was on the lake. Her father, the King, promised to reward anyone who could save her. A peasant by the name of Le Mat rescued the Princess and the King honored him by giving him a fortune, and land, naming it after him. There is yearly festival from March 20th to 24th where villagers organize snake dance festivals in honor of the hero.
Adventurous tourists will drink the snake blood mixed with rice liquor and cheers. Bloody Mary herself would probably never drink that!
As you probably know, cobras are extremely venomous and can spit their venom into a victims eyes, causing blindness. Most of these snakes are kept in small cages and are extremely agitated before they are killed making it very dangerous to be near them since they are killed in front of you. If you are accidentally bitten you must get the antivenom immediately or you can die. Eating snake can have serious medical consequences, especially if it is consumed immediately and the place is unhygenic. The snake meat could easily have parasites, bacteria, and a high presence of heavy metals that you are consuming which could result in severe illness or disease. You could be killed by residual venom, or eat a contaminated bone. The snake’s head can still bite even 20 minutes after being cut off. Several chefs have died from severed head bites, even though they are used to preparing snake meat on a daily basis. Do you still want to try that cobra?

6. The Sahara Desert Tour
The Sahara desert in northern Africa is the largest, hottest desert in the world. Even though it is extremely harsh, tourists are flocking to the desert by the thousands for extreme tourism. If you have enough water, supplies, and a good guide, you should be completely fine. But that doesn’t mean you won’t see some of the most dangerous animals on the planet!
There are plenty of snakes and scorpions, including the deathstalker scorpion which is extremely venomous. This scorpion is about 4 in (10 cm) in length and usually hides under rocks but can be very aggressive when threatened.

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