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What Really Happened: Mike Rivero Monday 11/13/17: Today's News Talk Show

Published on 17 Nov 2017 / In NP & Activism

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ON-AIR CALLS: 800-313-9443
Email: WRH@WhatReallyHappened.com
Mike's Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/W....RHappened/videos Mi Rivero commented on the January 5, 2015 show
I have been asked why I never reply to comments in this channel. I am well aware of Ron Gibson's diligence in preserving these radio programs and have thanked him on the air, but I do not listen to myself here and hence do not reply to questions. If you need to ask me something email me at wrh@whatreallyhappened.com

Thank you, Michael

MP3 ARCHIVE (Not Commercial Free) -- http://www.republicbroadcastin....garchives.org/catego Monday November 13, 2017
The What Really Happened radio show is an adjunct to the http://whatreallyhappened.com website.
The show broadcasts from Oahu, Hawaii through the Republic Broadcasting Network.
The show and website are non-partisan and chastise the lying and corrupt of all political parties with equal enthusiasm!
What Really Happened is opposed to war as a presumed fix for the struggling US economy, and also takes an occasional look at issues of science and health being distorted in the quest for profits.

Mike Rivero is the host of the What Really Happened radio shows on the Republic Broadcasting Network and webmaster of whatreallyhappened.com, now in its 22nd year. Both the radio show and website enjoy a large and growing global audience. He is a frequent guest on talk-radio and has appeared in television programs such as History Channel’s “America’s Book of Secrets.”

Mike Rivero’s background is as eclectic as his radio show and website. Formerly with NASA, Mike transitioned his image processing skills (along with a brief stint as a child actor) into the then-new computer animation field, starting with award winning commercials, then working on films such as “Star Trek”, “The Day After Tomorrow”, and later supervising visual effects on “Brainscan”, “LOST”, and “Hawaii Five-0”. Mike Rivero has taken a sabbatical from film work to focus all his efforts on peace activism.

Mike Rivero’s foray into blogging began before the word was even invented, and happened almost by accident when he spotted a suspicious photograph being broadcast on ABC news in 1994 related to the murder of White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster.Since that abrupt beginning, What Really Happened, both website and radio show, has expanded to cover diverse topics including the assassinations, the accidental shoot-down of TWA 800, election fraud, health issues, Saddam’s non-existent nuclear weapons, 9-11, the economy, and the ongoing propaganda used to trick the American people into wars of conquest in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and other nations.

Mike Rivero currently resides in Hawaii with his wife Claire, who is a composer, choir conductor, and creates much of theme music used on the What Really Happened radio show, as well as occasionally participating as a commentator.

Watch Mike "LIVE" 3PM to 6PM CT Monday - Friday
MP3 ARCHIVE (Not Commercial Free) -- http://www.republicbroadcastin....garchives.org/catego to Mike Rivero for producing a great show.
Ron Gibson (11-13-17)
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