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World's Most Advanced Video Editing Tutorial (Premiere Pro) - Editing LTT from start to finish

Published on 22 Nov 2017 / In How-to & Style

02:25 Chapter 0: Chapter navigation
03:13 Chapter 1: Using YouTube's interface
05:49 Chapter 2: Things to know while watching
06:34 Chapter 3: My hardware
Ergonomics: https://youtu.be/bLBKUbnLYTs DIY macro keyboard part 2: https://youtu.be/y3e_ri-vOIo 13:08 Chapter 4: How I use AutoHotKey
14:28 Chapter 5: Preparing the edit
Multi-monitor recorder: https://obsproject.com/forum/r....esources/automatic-s Chapter 6.1: Explaining my most common AHK scripts
20:52 6.1a: AHK monoMaker()
21:36 6.1b: AHK preset()
22:57 6.1c: MACRO F2 7 ENTER
23:40 6.1d: AHK Right click playhead mod
24:42 6.1e: AHK Instant application switcher
https://youtu.be/OqyQABySV8k 25:52 CHAPTER 6.2: A-roll rough cut - TUTORIAL BEGINS HERE!
28:40 6.2a: MACRO Ripple delete clip at playhead

31:12 Chapter 7. A-roll rough cut (Macbook Pro)
40:07 7a: Dual mono and the audio track mixer

42:27 Chapter 8: B-roll first pass
42:48 8a: AHK trackLocker()
46:13 8b: "Scale to Frame size" is dangerous
46:54 8c: Talkin' 'bout the Ripple Tangent
50:51 8d: Brandon conversation #1
1:00:49 8e: Problems with track targeting & source patching
1:02:59 8f: AHK insertSFX()
1:04:54 8g: How to bleep audio
1:06:57 8h: How to assign shortcuts to label colors
1:11:24 8i. The #1 amateur mistake: Sound effects & music too loud. Example: https://youtu.be/NXRVtfCpLr4 1:12:05 8j: Amateur mistakes 2: No motion or audio
1:12:43 8k: Brandon conversation #2
1:15:18 8l: How to save a transition as a preset
1:17:11 8m: AHK openLatestFile()
1:21:09 8n: Using transitions on adjustment layers
1:22:17 8o: Amateur Mistakes: Lord Privy Seals https://youtu.be/AVlfvdH7qwY 1:24:37 8p: Reverse image searching
1:26:57 8q: Don't delete, use "disable"
1:29:42 8r: Tried to learn 1 new thing: audio thumbnails
1:31:30 8s: "Stair stepping" clips on the timeline
1:32:08 8t: "KiIl your darlings"
1:39:34 8u: One long take vs. the "coverage" of multiple shots
1:42:17 8v: Crashes and autosaves
1:47:23 8w: Templates are great, but might lead to more crashes
1:50:28 8x: Even educated guesses can be wrong
2:00:22 8y: AHK runexplorer()
2:05:05 8z: A quiet environment is important when editing
2:09:21 8aa: Screen capturing bugs retroactively with Shadowplay
2:10:36 8ab: Accelerated Scrolling 1.3.AHK https://youtu.be/OobKVPojFmg 2:16:31 8ac: AHK script: instantVFX()
Fix Premiere's hot text bug: https://youtu.be/gATSOJCHSaY 2:21:54 8ad. Things to try when Premiere is slow/buggy https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2261475 2:24:56 8ae. Always render at your sequence resolution
2:26:18 8af: Nesting is often the answer
2:27:41 8ag: Photoshopping adventure
2:36:20 8ah: Fixing/creating the final shot
2:40:45 8ai: Searching through a music library

2:43:21 Chapter 9: Taking way too long to fix/create the final shot
2:45:42 9a: Amateur Mistakes: Neglecting "Eye trace"
2:47:03 9b: Amateur Mistakes: Showing too many things at once
2:48:55 9c: Amateur Mistakes: Not considering bitrate

2:52:40 Chapter 10: Intermission: Taran visits the WAN show

2:55:29 Chapter 11: Third pass, fixing and finishing
2:56:50 11a. How to screenshot web pages
2:58:33 11b: The biggest mistake in the entire edit
3:00:34 11c: Brandon conversation #3
3:01:09 11d: Talkin' about scheduling
3:06:13 11e: Jon conversation
3:08:27 11f: Text tracking with AE
3:13:15 11g: RSI/tendonitis: How I deal with it

3:20:04 Chapter 12: Adding GPU and CPU temps, doing final pass
3:23:10 12a: Why I use Premiere
3:25:27 12b: Do I recommend Premiere? 300+ bugs and features:
https://docs.google.com/spread....sheets/d/1dVJb7kI_ZE 12c: How speedrunning inspired my workflow

3:32:01 Chapter 13: Final Floatplane export, and QC check
3:34:20 13a: Quickly re-export using cineform smart rendering
3:35:50 13b: AHK filemover()

3:36:58 Chapter 14: YouTube export

3:40:22 Chapter 15. The past
3:47:28 Chapter 16. The future
3:51:07 Chapter 17: Comparisons to Monty Oum

3:54:32 Chapter 18: Recommended preferences
3:55:33 18a: Preferences Panel
4:00:32 18b: Timeline/sequences
4:02:46 18c: Wrenches & hamburgers
4:03:03 18d: History states
4:04:44 18e: Button editor
4:07:46 18g: (DO NOT) use media browser for unlinked files
4:08:39 18h: Keyboard shortcuts panel

4:11:51 Chapter 19: Final tips
4:12:41 19b: Professional advice isn't always correct
4:14:24 19c: Click every menu, learn every feature
4:15:35 19d: Recommended watching
Reality TV editing: https://youtu.be/BBwepkVurCI Cinemassacre 200: https://youtu.be/MiQE_Lb801U Ocarina Of Time Speedrun in 22-38 https://youtu.be/HWr9ABQcS5s RLM Star Wars review: https://youtu.be/FxKtZmQgxrI Do schools kilI creativity? https://youtu.be/iG9CE55wbtY 4:18:08 19e: Conclusion

All my scripts! https://github.com/TaranVH/2nd-keyboard 1st long tutorial: https://youtu.be/Hgd5opjklrg Outro Music: Sugar High by http://www.youtube.com/approachingnirvana

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